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‘I don’t want to wear a uniform’

you say to me

‘White shirts are boring

I want to look like me’



‘I don’t want to look like everyone else

Colourful clothes are cool

Boring clothes are rubbish mummy

I don’t want to go to school’



‘I like my hair long like daddy

I don’t want to cut my hair

Why do I have to tie it up?

I know other boys have it short- I don’t care’



‘Other children may be unkind, I say

How might you manage it?’

‘I know mummy its happened before

I’ll say “well I don’t care because I like it!”



They said my hair was like a girls

And I said “well I’m a boy and that’s rude!

And I love my hair

My daddy has long hair and I’m a cool dude”’



‘Why are you making me go to school mummy?

I’m so angry of you

Well if you make me go there I will break the school,

then what will you do?’



‘Will I be there forever and never come home?

I don’t want you to leave me there all on my own.’

‘What if I don’t like the food

Or if nobody wants to play with me?

I will miss you too much

I want to be home with you and Roarsie’



We’ve talked together

I’ve sat through the sad

I’ve held you tight

When your upset and mad



It’s normal to feel this way

It’s not a surprise after so long at home

Little one you’ve amazed me

At just how much you’ve grown



This is all such a big change

After such a long time

I’ll be there to help you through

I’m sure it will all be fine



And now it’s only 2 days away

You seem ready to start

And I’m the one who is getting anxious

Trying not to fall apart



When did you get so insightful?

When did you become so grown?

On that first day you’ll probably have a wonderful time

Whilst I will be sat watching the clock on my phone!



I hope the other children are kind to you

That it eliminates your fears

That it makes you feel confident

That the teachers soothe your tears



That joining the big wide world outside

Doesn’t quash your inner magic

The way the machine of the institution

Often does is very tragic



I am so very proud of you my darling

You amaze me every day

So go out there and get them

Show them the Ravey way!

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