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We are on day 10 of being home after my sons preschool closed 4 days before other schools. This week has been full UK lockdown with one trip outside a day for essentials or exercise only.

Other than my kids and my partner I haven’t seen another human I know for 14 days. I haven’t left the house other than to post a letter with my son a few days ago, and the post box is the end of my street. I can practically see it from the window. It’s fair to say these 4 walls are getting a little boring, but in reality my life hasn’t actually changed a great deal from normal, its just now everyone is moaning that life is shit and its basically shit because it mirrors my normal life.

The worst part of all this is that for people who have kids its constant work, with no time to rest or do anything. For those without kids its a never ending opportunity to sleep, binge box sets, read or do the stuff you are normally too busy to do. I’m sorry single people I don’t feel sorry for your boredom. As my mum used to say when I was bored as a kid, “I wish I had time to be bored!”. Jealous at all? Yes I bloody well am!!!

Last Sunday was mothers day, really weird not being able to see my mum. I think Si was so chuffed he had the absolute best excuse to plan nothing. Especially as I know he didn’t realise it was mothers day until like 4 days before. After all we cant go anywhere and all the shops and restaurants are closed. Lucky escape my friend.

I did get a lovely orchid (which lets face it I will kill because I’ve killed all the orchids I’ve ever had! How do people keep them alive?!?) I also got one of those big cards which was nice (although he was rumbled writing it that morning lol!). We had a BBQ which was ace.

I’ve got a timetable in place which has at least provided some semblance of order and sanity to our day and quite frankly has probably saved our lives. I think I would have lost it by now otherwise. The kids have managed remarkably well so far, and thankfully the weather has been great so we have spent a lot of time in the garden doing activities and playing which has enabled the kids to burn off energy and my partner to carry out work meetings via skype without too much disruption.

The kids haven’t burst in yet and made a tit of him I’m glad to say, although we have jested that if this whole lockdown lasts too long I may have a psychotic breakdown and join the kids for a staged Kankan parade through the room in the middle of his weekly team meeting. He thinks I jest, mwah ha ha.

Been doing a lot of baking with the kids. Mostly because my partner and I have been binge eating all the fruits of their labour when they go to bed, and so I don’t feel the mum guilt when they ask me where it’s gone I’ve distracted them with the process of making more. This week alone we’ve made (and my partner and I have mostly consumed) a gingerbread bundt cake, 30 chocolate chip cookies and also eaten two whole hotel chocolat boxes! Absolutely disgusted with myself and him, although we have already discussed what the kids and I shall be baking for tomorrow evenings binge… blueberry muffins or peanut butter biscuits. I’ll let the kids decide. Least I can do.

As much as I’ve been trying hard to provide the kids with a good structure and fun things to do, I think they are getting a bit of cabin fever and feeling the effects of only seeing our mugs everyday. They’ve taken to spying through the fence slats to our neighbours. Calling through to the kids next door asking what they are doing and standing at the end of the garden so they can look in through the balcony doors of the upstairs flats.

Kids get away with this stuff. I’d love to have a good old nose at what the flat upstairs looks like inside but you cant be seen to be spying as an adult that’s borderline stalker.

We’ve been drinking more too. Not sure why really, but when the impending apocalypse was heading our way Si bought what he felt we needed in a post apocalyptic world, a crate of 22 different beers straight from the brewdog warehouse and 4 months worth of fresh coffee beans from all the top roasters. His only complaint is that people have bought all the flour from the shops so he can’t make as much sourdough bread as he would like! If shit really hits the fan I’m gonna have the hipsters of London outside begging for craft beer, coffee and sourdough!

I’m coping by basically wearing the same clothes everyday and not washing my hair. I figure I’m going nowhere so who gives a damn and I’m saving on detergent. At this stage I am still showering daily although I have stuck the finger up to shaving.

We haven’t stocked up on the stuff others have like toilet roll. Think we have about 4 rolls left but its all good we use reusable wipes for my daughters nappy changes so we can always use them if needed and we are mostly using reusable nappies so we haven’t had to worry about procuring those. I even started using reusable sanitary products a month before all this so no free bleeding for me when the stocks run out! Good timing really as last I saw they were all sold out in boots. All women of menstruating age bought tampons and pads at the same time.

So we wont be caught out for basic hygiene products, but I will have to clean off different types of bodily fluids on a regular so I’m not sure who is actually winning here!?!

Serious first world problems. Had to settle for non free range eggs today and green milk. Gah no red milk for my morning flat white! I do hope those battery hens forgive me. It’s a travesty and I feel terrible, but not guilty enough to not buy the eggs. Mumma needs to bake more cake!

You know shits really got real when Mackey D’s has closed. Basically all takeaway options are closed. And the weather man is reporting from home. Its crazy times. Stop the world. I wanna get off!

8 Replies to “Week 2 of isolation: Coronavirus lockdown”

  1. Hah!
    Pleas please KanKan!! And record it for us all to see 👏🏻🤪
    I am so glad I’m not the only one that has been binging the baking 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
    It’s reassuring to hear I’m not the only person that is literally living in the same clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
    You’ve got this!!! 💜💜

  2. I’m coping by hiding snacks and eating them when kids aren’t looking and also not washing my hair often at all 🙈 most mornings I have black circles from the makeup I cba to take off so wear for a few days on trot 😂😂

    1. Morning Alice Cooper look always a winner! I’m not even bothering with make up anymore or a bra… I’m looking a right state!

  3. Yay I’m not alone with the no hair washing 😂
    I also agree that I dont feel a single bit sorry for all the child free people out there right now… having to stay home and relax sounds like bliss to me!
    The baking seems to be a common theme emerging- where the childrens bake at the parents eat it haha.
    Good luck with the rest of lockdown x

  4. We sre on day 7 of being in. Martin just bought enough chocolate and biscuits for 2 weeks. And all im thinking about is eating it all 🤣
    What is it with bread flour being gone, im well annoyed about it i bet all that bread flour doesnt even get used. Wholemeal bread is rare in the shops here, skimmed milk is always the last milk left here though thankfully, and we even managed to get 2 cartons of uht skimmed to put in stock cupboard just in case.

    1. Yeah we haven’t been able to get flour for a few weeks now. Thankfully we bake so much I had a good supply. Running low now though. Eek

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