I am a mum of two wild but wonderful children, who for the purpose of this blog I will refer to as ‘Ravey’, who is 4, and ‘Roo’, who is 21 months.


My partner and I have been together for 11 years and we all live together in South East London, where I grew up.


Before being a parent, I worked in child and adolescent mental health inpatient services as a nurse for over a decade.


I enjoy cooking and baking yummy treats like cake (we eat a LOT of cake!!!!) and I’m quite partial to eating my way through family size chocolate bars and drinking prosecco.


I like to doodle and make stuff that I often fail to complete (I’ve been making a rag rug for about a year now!) and buying a ridiculous amount of clothes for the kids (and me) from the comfort of my sofa!


I’ve thought about writing a ‘mum blog’ for a while, as a way to process and share the craziness that is daily life with children, in hope that others share my experiences of insanity!


Being a parent is awesome, no doubt about it, but its also hard and mental and for all the great moments there are others when you seriously nearly lose your shit.

This blog is a way to celebrate the highs and lows and laugh.


Welcome to Mummageddon, one mums battle with good and evil, desperately trying to survive her own judgement!