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Welcome to my super easy 4 ingredient homemade natural deodorant recipe

Why Should you swap to natural deodorant?

I’ve been making my own deodorant for nearly 3 years now and I would never go back, and I promise I am not smelly 😄

It’s a no brainer for me as I ditched the unnatural fragrances from our home 3 years ago and didn’t want to spend a fortune on deodorants which didn’t always work for me. Many of the highstreet natural deodorants are very expensive. The added bonus is they can be made easily using stuff you may likely already have in the kitchen.

Why natural?

I made the swap to making home made deodorant, body creams and household cleaners when my firstborn was young.

I had read and heard about the potentially harmful effects of artificially fragranced beauty and household products and potential link to increases in cancer risk over the decades.

This was my attempt to remove as many unnaturally derived fragrances from my home and where possible use only natural products. 

What’s wrong with artificial fragrance?

Beauty products and creams are notoriously bad for containing chemicals and nasty hidden ingredients. Have you ever looked at the back of one of your face creams? Who even knows what half that stuff even is?

Did you know that legally companies are not required to say exactly what ingredients are used to provide scent in beauty products and they can just use the term “fragrance”? That stuff is being smeared all over our faces and bodies and we really do know so little about what is even in them.

Roll on deodorants and aerosols are no different, and some scientists have spoken about the potential links between our use of these and the increases we see in cases of breast cancer over the decades.

What are the benefits of using your easy 4 ingredient homemade natural deodorant recipe?

This all natural deodorant has many benefits

  1. It’s cheap
  2. It lasts ages
  3. It’s easy to make
  4. You can choose your own fragrance combinations
  5. It contains no nasty ingredients
  6. It’s kind to your skin

Is it hard to make homemade natural deodorant?

In one simple answer, No!

Once I discovered just how easy it was to make deodorant at home, using all natural and safe ingredients you can easily obtain, I’ve never looked back. 

Most of the ingredients you will likely already have at home or are cheap to purchase so even the upfront cost is low.

There is the initial cost for purchasing essential oils if you don’t already have them but this is easily made up within a few months as I find these last so much longer than store bought deodorants.

What 4 Ingredients do I need to make homemade natural deodorant?

You can make your own deodorant at home using 4 simple ingredients.

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Arrowroot or cornflour
  • Coconut oil (melted)or other preferred oil
  • Essential oils of your choosing

Some notes on using natural deodorant:

Detoxing your pits

If this is your first time switching be prepared for a few weeks of potentially being a bit pongy.

This is just your body adjusting to not having all the chemicals and additives in your antiperspirant and deodorants you’ve been using.

It may also help to ‘detox’ your pits using charcoal… have a quick google to find out a bit about this.

I personally didn’t need a detox I just worked through those few weeks, but some say it helps.

Bicarb sensitivity

Some people can be sensitive to bicarb, me included. I used a very small amount in my first batch and have built up the amount each time.

Most recipes online call for a 50/50 bicarb to arrowroot/cornflour mix but I’ve not got to this ratio yet and perhaps I don’t need to.

I started at 1/4 bicarb and am currently on 1/3 bicarb to cornflour ratio. Its best to start low and increase to ensure you don’t hurt your underarms. Tweak the recipe to accommodate this or you can make a smaller batch with the original recipe below but scaled down and see how you go.


Easy 4 ingredient homemade natural deodorant recipe

You will need

  • An electric hand or stand mixer
  • Clean containers or jars to put your cream into
  • Measuring cups or scales
  • A bowl
  • A spatula for scooping


  • ½ cup bicarbonate of soda (please refer to section on bicarb sensitivity)
  • ½ cup arrowroot powder or Cornflour- I use cornflour as that’s what I had in my kitchen
  • 5 tbsp coconut oil melted
  • 20 drops of your chosen essential oil. I like to change my combos each time but firm favourites are Lavender and lemon, mint and tea tree and other citris combinations.


  1. Combine the Bicarb and arrowroot/cornflour in a large bowl. You can just do this by hand with a whisk or a fork.
  2. If you coconut oil is solid then melt it in a bain marie.
  3. Add coconut oil to your dry mix and mix well using mixer.
  4. Add your essential oils and mix well.
  5. Decant into clean containers- old jars work well for this.

Your homemade deodorant will last a few years in an airtight container.

In warmer months you may wish to keep it in the fridge to prevent it melting and separating. If it does just mix it again and pop in the fridge.

The easiest way to apply the deodorant is using your finger. A pea size amount is more than enough for each underarm.

You can also buy refillable roll on containers but I find you end up using your hands anyway so I prefer the jar method.

You can use a lollystick to apply if you prefer.

Easy Homemade Natural Deodorant Recipe

Easy Natural Homemade Deodorant using 4 simple ingredients
Active Time10 minutes
Keyword: Easy Natural Deodorant recipe
Yield: 1 Small Jars


  • measuring cups or scales
  • Large Bowl
  • Clean empty Jars or containers
  • Electric hand or stand mixer
  • Spatula


  • 1/2 cup Bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 cup  Arrowroot powder or Cornflour
  • 5 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 20 drops Essential oil(s) of choice


  • Mix Bicarbonate of soda and the arrowroot/cornflour together
  • Add coconut oil and mix well using mixer. If coconut oil is solid melt in a bain marie first
  • Add the essential oil/s you want to fragrance it with and mix well
  • Decant into clean containers- small old jars work well. Not too big or it will be hard to get the deodorant from the bottom
  • Refrigerate overnight to harden. Then its ready to go


  1. Please read section on bicarb sensitivity first and adapt recipe accordingly
  2. In warmer months the deodorant may separate in the heat so either keep in the fridge or re- whisk and refrigerate to harden again.
  3. Deodorant will last for 2 years in an airtight container. 

In warmer months the deodorant separate in the heat so either keep in the fridge or re- whisk and refrigerate to harden again.

Have you tried making my homemade natural deodorant?

How did you find it?

Leave your comments and questions below.

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