Frustrating facts about living with littles

Having kids is the most magical thing, they bring so much joy and happiness, it is also the hardest thing, they bring so much stress and frustration.

After a whole summer holidays ending with 10 days of isolation, this house has become a real pressure pot, and kids really know how to push you to the brink of despair.

Zero personal space, constant noise and mess. Sound familiar?
This is the reality of day to day life living with little ones.

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Making Mummy Mates

Parenthood is this weird club where one is required to seek out and befriend others who are also by default of having pushed a human out, part of the club. 
Despite being seemingly extrovert and outgoing I am actually quite socially awkward and the idea of having to make chit chat with another random human fills me with absolute dread.
In this post I talk about the awkwardness of making mummy friends when you first become a parent and the horror that is baby group small talk!

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